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Microblading Training in Grand Prairie, TX

MT Training Center is proud to offer microblading training to makeup artists that wish to improve their career with professional vocational school training. Our trade school is designated to teach and train makeup tattoo artists to cultivate the skills necessary to apply cosmetic tattoo eyebrows. Microblading is a new technique that is becoming more and more popular and getting this training under your belt is a big plus heading into the job market. Get the microblading training you need today at MT Training Center in Grand Prairie, Texas. Our teachers provide the fundamentals and specialized skills needed to enhance any makeup artist’s arsenal and we look forward to teaching you. Call 972-262-5395 for more information on classes and how to sign up.

Microblading & Cosmetic Tattoo Programs

Microblading is a style of semi-permanent tattoo that is done on the eyebrow region of the face that helps fill in eyebrows that are otherwise not growing in full or evenly. It is a form of permanent makeup that can last up to a year and a half and can totally transform a client’s eyebrows. The teachers at MT Training Center are skilled technicians and can help teach you all of the techniques necessary to become an expert in microblading.

Why Microblading?

Microblading is a fairly new technique that is just now gaining traction as a viable alternative to other eyebrow filling techniques, and MT Training Center will give you a leg up in teaching you this important new skill. An exciting and new part of the makeup and beauty industry is here and we are excited to teach you these new skills so you can be even more competitive in the job market. For all careers, it’s important to stay up to date and our teachers at MT Training Center are fully equipped in teaching microblading technique and procedure. After they complete our course, students will become experts in 3-D eyebrows, color theory, eyebrow selection and design, and skin care. Microblading equipment is also very specific and we teach you all there is to know about the equipment used for this cosmetic tattoo process. Join our program today!

Career Training Program

As with all programs at MT Training Center, our microblading program will get you set for real world job experience and our trade school curriculum is designed to get you into the job market as quickly as possible. We want you to feel confident as you learn this new and exciting skill and begin applying it to a new job or to an existing career as a makeup artist. Best of all, classes are on the weekend so weekday jobs will not get in the way. We aim to provide a convenient, affordable, and in depth classroom environment where every student can succeed in microblading training. Stop by if you live in Grand Prairie or give us a call today for more information on the class and how to get started in this state-of-the-art makeup tattoo program.

Want to become a microblading expert? Call 972-262-5395 today for MT Training Center in Grand Prairie, Texas!

Microblading Program


  • $2,000 (Includes tuition, certification of completion, course materials and Microblading Starter Kit)
  • $1,000 down to reserve spot in class

Class Schedule

Monday: 9:00AM-4:30PM.

Graduation Requirements

Grades: Attendance and Participation 15%
Assignments 20%
Quizzes 40%
Final Exam 25%


The student will master creation of 3D eyebrows, color theory associated with microblading as well as in-depth eyebrow design, eyebrow selection and proper utilization of microblading equipment. The student will learn infection control and will obtain knowledge of skin texture and undertones as well as aging skin. The student will obtain knowledge of procedure after care instructions as well as in-depth client consultation practices.

Subject Descriptions

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Create 3D eyebrows after while utilizing color mixing, shades and tints to create a color scheme that is client specific.
  2. Analyze and enhance client facial features my utilizing brow design.
  3. Identify all of components of the skin anatomy as well as products and microblading methodology.

Conduct in-depth client consultations, consent forms and client after-care instructions.

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