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Welding School in Fort Worth, TX

In today’s every-fluctuating job market, vocational training is fast becoming the most reliable path to steady and well-paying work. Welding in particular has seen a boom in recent years, with jobs popping up across the country. Learning a vocation like welding can put you in position to succeed in a variety of manufacturing positions and even set up shop as a self-employed fabricator. At MT Training Center, our accredited welding training program will give you the skills and the welding training you need to succeed. Plus, our large network of Fort Worth, TX area welding jobs as well as regional and national positions will help you find work as soon as you receive your welding certification. Learn more about our enrollment requirements below, and contact our office in Grand Prairie, TX at (972) 262-5395 with any questions.

Enroll in Certified Welding Training at MT Training Center

We are currently accepting enrollment applications for our Welding Training Program. Class size is limited based upon space availability. The MT Training Center does not discriminate regarding race, national origin, ethnicity, creed, age, sex, gender identity or religion. In order to successfully enroll in our Welding Training Program, applicants must complete the following two requirements:

1. Applicants must schedule an interview with the admissions office and submit a completed enrollment form.

2. Applicants must be able to provide the MT Training Center with a copy of your High school diploma, GED, or successfully pass the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test.

Get Your Welding Certification and Jumpstart Your Career

Welding is a large industry that is only getting bigger. Getting a welding certification can open up a wide range of welding jobs here in the Fort Worth, TX area and in the national market. Plus, training with our experienced staff at MT Training Center will give you access to our established network of job connections in the region and across the nation. Many of our welders go on to succeed in positions fabricating new products such as industrial machinery, transportation equipment, steel structures, oil industry products, railroad engines and cars, farm equipment, and more. Others find successful self-employment careers. Put yourself in a position to succeed and get vocational training that will last a lifetime. Get your welding certification at MT Training Center and jump start your career today!

To learn more about our welding program, and to schedule an enrollment interview with our admissions staff, contact us at (972) 262-5395 today!

Main Title

Tuition and Fees

Registration: $100.00
Supply Usage Fee $375.00
Tuition: $14,425.00
Total Cost $14,950.00

Class Schedule

Welding school day classes are scheduled Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., as indicated below. Evening classes are scheduled Monday through Friday from 4:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. The evening classes will end 9 months after the start date. The Combination Welding Program offers a total of 1,070 clock hours of instruction and lab. The students will learn the fundamentals as well as advanced procedures of welding and cutting processes. Upon completion of the program and successfully passing all written and welding examinations, the student will be issued a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION through the MT Training Center. Enrollment into the Program begins every Monday.

Day Schedule Monday - Friday


1,070 Contact Hours
Length: 31 Weeks (Day Class)
43 Weeks (Evening Class)
Ratios: 20:1 (students/instructor)

Graduation Requirements

The student will need to be comfortable working with dangerous equipment, in a variety of settings both indoor and outdoor. Able to qualify to ASME Code requirements. Will have understanding of manual welding processes. Will be able to weld metal components together using a variety of gas and arc welding equipment and brazing. Proficient use of Oxy-Acetylene torch, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding and Stick welding equipment.


The Combination Welding Program is designed to provide the student with the skills and competencies necessary to perform entry-level welding duties. Through hands-on experience, the welding program student will be able to safely operate a welding machine, cutting torch, and all of the equipment necessary to perform entry-level welding and cutting duties. The combination welding program graduate will qualify for employment as combination welder, welder and cutter.
Subject Hours
Number Lectures Lab Credits
WC-101 Welding and Cutting Processes 60 160 14.0
WC-201 Pipe Processes and Blue Print Reading 60 160 14.0
WC-301 Gas Metal Arc Welding Processes 120 120 18.0
WC-401 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Processes 120 120 18.0
TM-100 Technical Mathematics 20 10 2.5
BC-055 Business Communications 60 0 6.0
WPE-104 Welding Pre-Employment Skills 60 0 6.0
Total Hours/Credits 500 570 78.5
Total Clock Hours: 1,070

Subject Descriptions

See Catalog for Revised Subject Descriptions

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